Bad Movie Bingo

Make predictability a good thing by turning bad movie watching into a game!

The game comes in PDF file format, emailed to you within 24 hours of your purchase. The PDF includes two different game versions: romantic comedy and action/horror, and you can make as many reusable cards as you want for any number of players, as well as building instructions, playing instructions, and an envelope to hold the game cards.

Sales for the Bad Movie Bingo PDF have temporarily been deactivated while it's being made better!

To build your game, in addition to a printer, you'll need paper and/or cardstock, scissors (and a paper cutter helps), clear, glossy packing tape, a glue stick or 2-sided tape, and optional thin cardboard (like cereal boxes).

To play, you just need the cards and dry erase markers for each player.

And, yes you could definitely play it as a drinking game.

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Created By
Pete Bejarano + Lee Meredith

Copyright 2008 - no redistribution, thanks!

Some movies that we'd recommend playing with:

Tango & Cash
Van Helsing
Bangkok Dangerous
Fear Dot Com
Shoot 'Em Up
Jason X
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever

Romantic Comedies:
Kate & Leopold
The Ugly Truth
The Perfect Man
You've Got Mail
Made of Honor
Someone Like You
27 Dresses

(our current highest scorers /favorites are in bold.)

Players recommend:

Street Fighter
The Transporter movies
Cop/Crime TV Shows (like Law & Order, CSI, Bones, 24, etc)

email us with your recommendations!

(Lee and Pete)

Blackout Contest!! - if you find a movie that blacks out your card, and we play and agree, you'll win a custom theme song! check out pete's music page for song examples; first person to find a true blackout gets a song about anything!

Player Feedback:

I just wanted to let you know that we LOVE Bad Movie Bingo! You guys are evil geniuses (in the best way, of course) for coming up with this - thanks so much for offering it to others that enjoy the absurdity that is really crappy movies!
- Julie + Atticus in Milton Keynes, UK

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